My new website is up. This one will at some stage be discontinued and merely be used as an image host.



Hedwig was out flying at a little family gathering we had today (25/05/2013). 


Thanks to the fokes from Gallery Andrea (www.galleriandrea.dk/) for telling my sister that Hedwig is, indeed, a girls name, and for making a little donation for future upgrades for the lady! :D


Since a lot of people has asked, I decided to make the model files public on Thingiverse so you all can print a copy:) Enjoy!




Oh, And I also made a new gun for it :D




So, ever since Jani Pönkkö showed me his quadcopter at Campus Party Berlin 2012, I wanted to build one myself, and I finally got around to doing it.

So, without further talk, I would like to introduce Hedwig:

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And she is stable as a bee:D And also sounds like one!


One of the project you just make because you can:D



Oh yeah, why not? As a part of a class, I made a mold for making a gameboy, and the material i chose was of course chocolate! It was fun to make, and tasted great!

As usual, click the picture to see the rest.


Home after a two week study trip to Singapore and Malaysia with plenty of photography and fun! Thanks to all my classmates that helped make this trip what it was:)

Click the picture to see the rest :D


A picture from a recent trip to Hamburg with the class turned out in a fun photosafari with the friends that lead to a lot of great photos. After some work in photoshop this is one of the results:



Better late than never right?

From today and forth, a viewcounter will be visible on each page. So dont mind that many page only have 0 views since the counter only count from now and forward:)
Stay tuned for the next project! Which will include a usb drive, and some 3D printing!


A mini model of the famous Model 3107 have been created! Go check the worklog out if you are into design furniture :D

As always, click the picture to be zapped to the worklog, or follow the menu in the top:)

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