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since i got a lot of old hardware at home as many others, ive decided to put it all together so i can get some use of my old IDE harddrives.

i have some simple plans to put this together but i aint gonna use a lot of money, ive sold my soul to my mother (moving horse**** from barn to field :/) just to get this:

pic of xspc bay pump!

im gonna use this because its gonna be very compact and not giving off a lot of heat since its old hardware.


something something MB
amd athlon 2.4 ghz
512 mb ram
geforce 4 TI 4200

200 gb
160 gb
80 gb
xxx gb

to give you an impresion of how much im actually gonna stuff in this ive made this:

all i actually need is some tubes, a rad (since om not gonna use my extra dual 120 rad), and some fluid.

im thinking of a few ideas on how to wrap it together but still working on it, basicly, im going to put PSU in one “box” in the bottom, and res/pump and dvd-rom in another, and put the MB etc on top. still not sure how to integrate the hdd´s and rad:/… but ill figur it out:P

comments and suggestions are very velcome:) im counting on ordering the res/pump today, and ill think about getting a cheap rad.

another pic just to show some more detailed sketches

thx all:)

what do you think of this?, ive put the rad in one of the bottoms, (120 mm) and layid harddrives on top of each other, i may have to go for 3 harddrives only, since i can get more space between and will only have to leed 1 power cable downthere (since most psu goes with 3 molex pr. cable

(the image looks like sh## if you dont watch it in full res:p)
ive put a dual 120 mm rad in for comparison… as you can see its friggin big :S thats why ill have to get a single 120:/.. only have dual 120 lying around

got som alu to work on (alot actually so have plenty to the whole case i think) and also worked a prototype bend out to see if its possible to bend this with the machine im working with.
and gues what:D… it worked almost fine with som minor adjustments xD

test bend:



since its a test bend, its not the right lenght, and the piece of alu thats in the left end is just scrap… its not gonna be there in the final model.

okay this is what i have to work with:D… acrylic FTW

gonna take this part and destroy it so it fits my needs xD!

this should give you an idea of what i want to do:)

and the psu is gonna sit like this

light!… yeeaaahhh

this wont do:/… the psu cant get any fresh air…

quick fix heh

theese little devils are gonna come in handy:D…

this is the tool of destruction!:D… WITH LASERS XD… gotta love it!

you will have to wait with the rest:) im off to bowling with my girlfriend and she is gonna kill me if she have to wait much longer:D

mod away fokes:)

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