Update 1


So, i like watercooling, A LOT! And that have lead me to a derail on my PC-Beto project.
I recently got the radiator stand from phobya and fell in love with it.

I then talked with aquatuning about making a project over this thing, because as you might know, overkill is underrated.

It didnt take long for Christian from aquatuning to agree to send some stuff to make this overkill station

Please notice! This “build” will feature minor modding, and LOTS of watercooling!

Now this was how i recieved the radiator stand, now lets get some hardware into it;)

Here it is, filled up with some stuff Christian already sent me.

But trust me, there will be much, much more stuff in this stand;)

I already have the finished list of parts, but i dont want to say to much:D But as you might have guessed two more 360´s might find its way inthere:idea:
This is actually all for now, but i hope to continue this in a few weeks when i get some more hardware!

Hope this have caught your attention;)

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