Update 2


Time for the next update on this monster :D

I started out by prepping the radiators with fittings:

And then took the fans out, and they shine nice and red;)

Now, a tiny problem, the QD´s couldnt really fit beacuse of the radiators.

Badabim, badabum, problem solved. Just turn the radiators! This also makes the tubing look a bit better.

I also had to connect the radiators in series.

This was simply done with small lengths of tubing.

Now this is something that i doesnt do often, a shot with a messy background:P I was in the middle of figuring out how to run the tubing the best.

And tell me, doesnt this look badass!?! Dont mind the tubing on the left, i ran out, so that piece was to short lol!

I wanted to route the tubing on the left like this too, but i didnt have enough. It fits great in between the fans, and is very stealthy inthere!

And in case you are wondering why i placed the fans like i did, this is the reason. They are just so damn easy to clean! Just pull of the blades, and whipe them off :D

Thats all for now. I need to get some more tubing, and get the MiniNG installed ;)


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