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lets jump right into it. as usual i am modding an old used case!

the inspiration?

the case, and plans.
im going to watercool the system with a 3*140 mm radiator in front, and two pumps. as seen on the pics, the case is devided in 2 sections. the frame is going to be powdercoated in matte black.

this is some of the evelopment of the cad drawings i made. the big round one on the left is going to be a window.

and the finished drawings. the top drawings is going to be cut in foil, and the bottom one in green acrylic. since ac-ryan didnt reply on my mails, I found the same acrylic that they uses (for 1/4 the price) and will be using that.

finished middle plate

the middle plate is going to be bend around the frame, to give a smoother look

the little room in the top will be sealed off, and most likely used for 2 harddrives.

close up of the rad hole in the front

on this pic, the foil looks quite thick, but it wont be

the motherboard tray (yes, that old bucket have a removeable mobo tray!) is going to be made of 2 pieces of acrylic. black and green, and will look like this

for pumps holders, i designed a bracket, that will fit on 140 mm fans to hold the ddc pumps. with rubber grommets, theese should reduce vibrations too, and the cold air from the fans will cool them down a bit.

close up of the bracket.

hardware is yet to be decided. but for watercooling i will go for theese 2 for certain

ddc pump
HWLabs black ice gtx 420 radiator

soo.. hoped you enjoyd this little start of my new project though it almost only consists of renders. more WILL come. (already got a lilĀ“ testplate cut out to play with;) )


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