Update 10


Sooo… What have i been doing? Lots of stuff! A few test at school is over, and i got some more time to work on this, and have some good news for you! I should be able to have this thing done within a week;) And then i have the time to take her home, into the photo studio and make some glory shots!

Anyway, Uden mad og drikke, dur helten ikke (without food and beverages, the hero dont work) :D

Oh, and then i used a great deal of time on this, a remote controlled heli:D

And a close up:P

And now to the fun stuff! I had to make a new back plate since i lost the old one lol:D Made some improvements and had some quality time with my dremel!

The result,

A few diskes gone. I am still to cheap to get the quick disconect diskes:P

Final result before painting^

And now for the fans, i made some stickers to make them look a bit more classy:P

And insertet into the case, with the cable going into the back wall to the plug.

Now this little hole is the fillport for the hole system! But where does it sit?

Oh yeah, in the top:P Right above the reservoir. See the aquaero faceplate there? Wonder where this is going…


Ended out like this:D

And last, but not least, the front panel where the on switch will sit. Need to get this painted!

Tommorow i will have some time to paint and fill down the top, and then there is just some minor stuff left to be done!

Inside shots in next update;) Have fun!

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