Update 2


First of all, thanks to Noiseblocker for sending me some fans to work with! More details and pictures about these fans can be found later on www.itrends.dk

I had to cut a lot of the case away, to make room for the massive HWLabs 420 mm radiator

This was the piece in the front that was cut off

I left a little ”hinge” for the radiator to support to, so the acrylic plate in front wasn’t carrying the whole thing alone.

This is the case in its VERY naked state. The little piece between the two sides on the front is going to be cut away too, since it’s visible through the front

And then there is this little piece, and again the piece described above

Rivets mutilated!

And then I went Mohawk with my dremel to Guns & roses on the mp3!

The cutout

I made a cut with a wide of 15.5 cm, since the radiator was written to be 15.3 on HWLabs hp. I discovered that it was in fact 15.4, so it was a tight fit!

The support for the motherboard tray was also removed, since it needed to be cut down to size.

Note all the dust and dirt… that’s where it sat lol

And here is the radiator passing through the middle plate again. I put two temperature sensors on the radiator, but these will most likely be moved to other places duo the fact that the radiator will be hot most of the time, and readings will then be flawed.

As planned is only two 5.25” bays available, and these are already cut down to size.

I got the first test plate cut out to see if everything was according to plan, and every single measurement was SPOT ON! The results of many hours of work with the ruler:D please note that this plate is ONLY for testing purpose. The finished plate will be cut in Green acrylic, and the foil will have more patterns, as you see in the drawings in update 1.

You can here see where I did the mounting of the front panel. These bolts will be cut down to size, and foil will be over the holes so you won’t be able to see this on the finished plate.

You can see on this pic, that the metal behind have not been cut yet.

And on these two you can see how the mounting will be done.

I changed the layout of the components a little bit, so that the psu stands vertically, with the pump/reservoir by its side. This makes the brackets I made for the 140 mm fans useless. But hey, at least they looked cool xD

This puny corsair psu will suffer the space for this one that will be in my mailbox today if everything goes well!

I am going to route the cables on a way that I don’t recall ever seeing on any modding forum, so this is what I am putting most of my time on at the moment! So stay tuned for that in future updates!

I also got a package from www.noiseblocker.de that was kind enough to send some of the ULTRA hot fans for this project! More pics of these will come later on! You guys should really check their site and products out.

As you can see of the picture of the giant radiator, I already got most of the water cooling gear from [url]www.coolbits.dk[/url] ! Huge thanks for the support is appropriate.

The pump choice fell on a Laing ddc 3.2 18W pump.

Seconds later

And internals (flipped upside down)

Shortly after, the stock top was replaced with the EK V.2 top, along with a koolance male-male fitting, that allows me to put something on the pump :O what could that be :/
This will later on be changed for a black bitspower version!

So what could I place above that pump? How about one of the Jon Lund reservoirs!

The black color is IMO spot on, and with the XFX green psu fan behind it, this will look DOPE!

Normally a Lund reservoir comes with a G3/8 inlet hole in the top, but he offered to make a custom reservoir for this mod, which needed to be a bit shorter, and have a longer inlet tube, so that the flow won’t go Mohawk in the res.

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