Update 3


Sooo, after a lot of measures, and hours in front of the computer i finally got the front plate cut out.

My last attempt at bending the test front plate failed big time, so i used an akrylic bending machine. Say hello to Bender!

Bender works by heating up a small area of the acrylic, and you can then put the acrylic into the 90 degree angle you see in the front of the machine.

Cold water is running trough this thing, so that the plate cools down relatively fast.

And KAZAM! Like a glove!

Now, next machine to have a little quality time with is this one:

It cuts the foil out, like a bunny on crack! I made a little vide wich you can see here:

And here you see the foil. The middle is being cut in hand with a hobby knife.

Can anyone guess which of the plates i am using for PC-Beto?

Aplying the foil to the acrylic.

And the sides got cut out, and foil was put on them too!

And i had to cut the center out by hand.

The hardest thing was the tiny letters in the pc-beto

And the result!

And when put on the frame:

And look at this tight bend;)

The other side

From the inside. Remember that the frame is going to be powder coated!

And the new PSU plate that makes the psu stand vertically.

Thats all for this time;) More will come, and i have a nice surprise stored for you! just need to get some parts home before i will share that:D

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