Update 5


Okay, it would seem that some fokes has misunderstood the difference between my cable tray, and my motherboard tray. This update should clarify that;)

Would the real Motherboard tray PLEASE stand up?

As you can see, this is the motherboard tray, 2 peices of acrylic sandwitched.

Now this is the cable tray, which someone though would have the motherboard mounted on it too.

How does all this play together? we will get back to that later;) First, a big thanks to Vincent from Bitspower for sending me some goodies!

Old versus new pass trough fittings

This must be the sexiest fittings on EARTH!

Everybody has bitspower battlemechs, but how many have custom bitspower holders? :D (no really, theese are gonna be used in another project i will link too soon ;) )

And a custom version of Jon Lund´s PomPlex reservoirs ;)

This combo will be placed on the top of the reservoir, and will work as inlet, and fillport.

The little plastic bugger inthere is a port for LED´s, and i am gonna use quite a few of theese in the build i think. Should light the reservoir up nicely ;)

And now for the cables! You probertly already saw this picture:

But here is some more money shots:

Before we continue to the cable tray, i would like to show the pump, and the sleeving on this. Instead of putting heatshrink on, i opened up the housing, and put the sleeving in, STEALTH style!

And now, i got the case partially riveted back together! (you will notice some small silver screw like things, these are tempory rivets lol! )

Notice the motherboard tray inthere? ;)

Some people asked me if the weight of the psu wouldnt destroy the psu holder in acrylic, and this is where i am planning on putting a support plate (the plate you see there is not the final plate, its a dish i made for myself of scraps;) made 3 others with names on to the rest of the fokes in the dorm lol!)

And what will it support? The psu and the pump of course! IMO this looks SEXY!

And with the sides on!

Oh look! A tiny window for the reservoir :D

And now, Will the real CABLE Tray please stand up, and get in place :D

And with the motherboard tray out

Sides on

I still need to rivet the middle plate inthere, but that cant be done before the cable tray is completely done, and so far i ran out of heatshrink -.- Oh well… another order then:D

Hope you enjoy´d this update!


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