Update 6


I got new toys!!! More tools :D best gift a modder can get besides hardware!

Had to use it for the passtrough fitting from bitspower!

Glued the two green and black plate from the motherboard tray together. Needed some weight to make the glue stick better:P

The fan and 6 pins plugs sitting flush with the cable tray

Some macro shots!

New hardware! New tools AND hardware in one update woot ! An msi gd85 with usb 3.0 and sata 6 GB/s, and a Intel i5 750. Put in, and cables on:

How the radiator will be put.

The mod will be lit by a 1.5 meter smd lcd strip with 10 smd led´s pr. 10 centimeter. with the controller i can adjust brightness from dull to Christmas tree strenght!

Light it up!

And here is a great pic (if i may say it myself lol) of the motherboard tray inside the case.

Thanks to


Thats all for this time! The case has to be send to madrid the 5´th so it can be shown to all the other great modders who will attend campus party europe 2010!

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