Update 7


Finally an update! Hope your ready;)

I made quite a bunch since last time, among other things these two plates. One to support the psu, and one to hold the passtrough fittings from bitspower.

The idea is to put two QD´s there, so taking the motherboard tray out will be a breeze!

The aquaero was placed in the top along with the RGB controller, and fits well into the PCB theme

As you can see, everything is sleeved in green and black colors!

The cable routing from the RGB controller wasnt easy, but i managed to fit it under the aquaero.

The hole to all the connectors for the aquaero!

The sleeving for the 24 pin, coming out of the kabel tray

The rest of the cables for GFX, aquaero, power etc.

And light!!! Red ^

Green ^

And my personal favorite, blue / uv ^

The inside with green light ^

And blue / uv, where the contrast between the green and black is wicked IMO :D

One of the best shots IMO!

The inside again. The cpu cooler and gfx are gonna go. Just dont know when i will have the cash to get a grafic card lol

And three of my favorite things, watercooling, sleeving and bitspower! (in modding that is ;) )

The edge of the psu mounting plate!

And a picture of the green sleeving.

And a little present from Jon Lund! He told me about this idea on our trip to madrid, and i have wanted to get them ever since.
In the front you can see a normal LED plug, while the two in the background is the ones Jon sent me. They are longer than normal and spreads the light much better.
So now you saw them! And you know who made them first;) He will start a production run of theese soon, and will hit retailers in a little over a month!

Put into the Lund reservoir, that he also made lol :D

And here it is in the reservoir, a little hard to see, but its inthere:D

Loop is gonna go:
Reservoir -> Pump -> flowmeter -> Radiator -> cpu -> gpu -> back to reservoir

The pump will vibrate a bit, so theese rubber grommets was applyid.

Hope you enjoyd this update! :) Until next time, happy modding!!!


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