Update 8


Now, where were we? Right about here i think.

This is how the case have stood ever since i went to hear stewie wonder in copenhagen. I got a 4870×2 with block on it, and fittet that in, and painted the mobo back panel!

The 2*6 pins fits so much better on to this card than they would have fittet on a 5870! There is just one downside, i miss two pins!

Now, a little tube routing have been set in motion, but there is still lots to do.

Now guess what hides under this hood? It has 64 gigs, and runs at aprox 270MB/sek in read and write:P I hope to be able to replace it with something bigger, better and nicer soon though.

Now this, is what the little glowsticks that Jon made for me does!

A quick shot of the side panel lit up!

of some reason, this reminds me of a horror movie, where you see a sharp light trough a window xD

Now, for the torture of the psu… Belive it or not, but it took me over 6 hours to make it look this way!

Soldering the wires back together after cutting them down to size.

2*6 pins down! 8 pin and 24 pin to go :(

Halfway there!!!

DONE! And i must say, i am quite happy about the final result! Not to green, but with a little black in between:P

From another angel. I practically had to stand on top of it to get the wires inthere! Talk about a close fit!

And what might this little bugger be? Remember the problem about missing a few pins on the 8 pin for the gfx card? No problem:D

Just put this one into the psu, and bam! 2 more pins fixed :D

Now, the octopus begins…

Now isn’t this the best looking cable mess you’ve ever seen? :D

And the little 2 pin crawling trough the case and finally ending in the gfx card!

And now! A huge thanks to mushkin for sending me 8 gigs of these awesome rams! I cant wait to get these into the case!

Black and green, just like the rest of the mod!

Gotta love them. They are so incredible heavy compared to other ram sticks i have around, and i love the ridgeback fin design!

More pronz!

But hey now, what is this? “Something seems to be missing dude…”
Yeah, i noticed, but i couldn’t decide if i wanted the copper top, or the delrin to for the build :/

Then its lucky that AquaComputer was so awsome to send BOTH the cuplex kryos HF and a spare delrin top!

Two awsome names paired!

Now, the only downside with the delrin top is that it doesn’t take 10 mm compression fittings :(

The HF top however, does! This thing must weigh a metric tonne or therby!

And this is how she stands at the moment! I will update again when i get the ram installed, along with the waterblock. Oh, and dont mind the vandal switch hanging there:D It will be replaced with a black one i got from nutman ;)

Until next update, Cya!!!


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