Update 9


As promised, here are a little update for you! This is part one, of a larger update that i decided to tear down into two, beacuse i cant finish the other part before a week or so :)

A little picture of the new mobo! Decided to get the EVGA p55 le, since its all black, and fits the theme best.

Also got the IQ panel painted.

And the backside of the Bitspower block. Still thinking of what to do with this:P

Another shot of backside, and card.

And the modded Aquacomputer cuplex kryos! Now in all black:D

And with a quite expensive fitting combo lol:D

Mounted on the mobo^

Also had to make some panels to finish up the rear of the case. So they were cut to size, and painted.
And i know, i know, “Dude, what happened to the garden :idea:” And here i must refer to the first word in that sentece, [U]Dude[/U].
That place is also my photo studio:P

And how they look when put in place. Quite the snug fit :D

And with the outer panel on! (Notice the arm, now without bandages:D)

Old versus new mobo! Bye Bye blue

A little sleeving (the wire that goes from the aquaero to the onboard usb ports)

“Upskirt” shot.

And in all of her glory:D

And this is one of my favorite shots so far!

And one showing most of the lower compartment:)
She is up and running now, and ready to attend s7lan ([url]www.s7lan.dk[/url]) where she will hopefully attract some attention:P

Until next update, Cya!!!


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