Update 1


Hello there, and welcome to project M8!

The idea:
The idea came when i first saw a post on overclock.net, where a person named Jim showed some prototype pictures of a new case lineup. The company he started was named CaseLabs, and they specialize in high end enthusiast watercooling cases. I knew that this was a case that was build to house a HUGE watercooling system, and wanted to see how far i could push it. Jim was generous enough to offer sending one of his cases all the way to Denmark for me to play with!

The watercooling:
I will put a lot of time into creating a watercooling loop that is simple, silent and easy to fill and bleed. My latest project PC-Beto had its flaws with the watercooling, one being that it was compact, and components was pretty tight screwed together.

CaseLabs M8

3*360 mm radiator
2*laing d5 vario pumps
Bitspower fittings

More components will follow as i figure out what to put in:)

And now, lets get to the fun part! This project is going to progress slow since school and other stuff is taking up a lot of time, but i will try to update it on a regular basis! But on to some pictures, since half of you dont read this anyway:D


Full review of the case:

First, some pictures of the case itself:

As you can see the case is absolutely HUGE and will have plenty of room for loads of watercooling and hardware!

I will be using this combo of pumps and bitspower fittings, and the first update you will see sometime next week will be the mounting of the two pumps to the radiator.

This combo will sit in the psu compartment in the bottom.

Still havent decided weather to use the EK reservoir, or to make one myself. (am i the only one that think that picture want to dance with me?)

For ease of acces, i will use these awsome QD´s. They are 100 times better to work with than other QD´s you can get, and only spill about 1 drop when disconnected.

And just to give you a clue to what the general theme will look like :D

I hope you will enjoy this project, and i sure look forward sharing it with you!

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