Update 2


And it begins! :D

This was the project of the day:)

First, i had to mill down a 10 mm alu plate, since i did not have any 5 mm lol! Then bolting them together, and went to war with the mill.

As you can see, i just printed out the cad drawing, and used that as reference.

And on it went. Luckily this mill got “autopilot” so that I can just set it to move at a certain speed, and comfortably take my pictures.

For the detailed parts, I had to use a smaller bit, and then just fill the edges.

Finished middle pieces. The one on the right have been glasblasted, but will need to have another go.

And this is how they mount on the pumps.

And how they mount on the radiator! I will put some rubber pieces under each end to dampen vibrations. Once all of this is mounted I should have a great pump setup:D

And the finished result. Only need to weld it, and then grind it down again, give it another go in the sandblaster and maybe paint it, yet to be decided:D

I must apologize for the lack of updates, but exams are coming up at school, and there is quite a few things to do :)

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