Update 3


Well, as the previous alu stands failed duo to not being “weldable” I decided to make some of 6 mm steel! This will provide better rigity, and I made them look better this time!

A picture of the failed alu welds.

Used the old stands as reference, and then bolted them together.

These are the new ones, with the old alu one to the left.

And again, new versus old.

And welding and filling done! After my .cad exam I picked this up from the workshop. A buddy had welded it in the meantime, and I went straight home and put the pumps on:D

How it looks in its full scale, mounted on the radiator. Did I mention that it is sturdy as hell!?

A close up of the milling. I also countersunk the screw holes for good looks:)

Had to fill about 2 mm off the Bitspower crystal link to get it to fit, but now its like a glove!

Cant decide what color I am going to paint it, but I think that white might be the choice!

Hope you like the end result here:) Now its on to the top!

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