Update 4


OK, time for the update!

As you might have noticed by looking at my previous mod, PC-Beto, I like to have tidy cable routing in the case. This will be no different.

The plan is to get a fully modular PSU, and make every cable that have to go to the motherboard, go behind the mobo tray.
To do this, I will be using a 3D printer.

Now, all the haters that sometimes crawl up from their holes yelling “bwuuhuuh CNC machining is killing modding, and it have nothing to do with creativity” better slam their head against a wall and GTFO beacuse this machine is EPIC!

What you see in this picture is the part almost completet with support material at the bottom, and the actual plastic 3d print on top. It is obvious that you cant print into thin air, so it needs some sort of support structure in certain places. Other than that, it works almost just like a normal printer, exept that it prints in multiple layers to give the third dimension.

The finished part, this particular part took 5 hours to print. I could have cut the time down by having set the density of the printet material to 75 percent, but I wanted it to be sturdy.

And this is what I will actually be using it for! Routing the 24 pins cables.

On the backside the cables will run and join with cables from grafic cards and 8 pins, that I have yet to design. Note, this is mearly a prototype, and not likely to look anything like the final version, I just wanted to see if the concept would work, and it most certainly does!

Now, I will have to do some milling into the motherboard plate to make it fit perfectly, and a cover plate will go onto the whole section.

Also wanted to see how it looks when painted black. I need to fill the part down better beacuse you can still see the different layers from the printer. To make it entirely smooth, I have to hit it with some sanding love.

You can also tap it (pun intended)

How the white version would look,

And the black. I think I will stick with black. It seems to fit in the best with the white wirering.

And on another note, I sold my three 360 mm radiators! Replacements should be here within two weeks, and boy am I exited to get them!

Now, back to the drawing board. I have a few cosy hours infront of the computer in a 3d program to kill to finish up the cads to the cable system! And the a few days of printing lol:D

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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