Update 5


Print done!!! Could not wait to get off at work and pick this up:D I had to drive out to the school this morning to start it up beacuse I did not trust that the guy before me had startet the next print in line, and I was right:D

But first of all, I would like to introduce my new psu for this build! Got this one unused from a mate! This puppy should provide plenty of power for the components that will go in, and I highly doubt that I will EVER max it out lol!

Now this is the “not so pritty” part that I want to do something too. Even if sleeved this IMO looks bad.

A thing that I am not to fond of with the case is the round holes in the back and inside. Its a square case, so it need square parts :P

Again, to show the plugs.

But now for the fun stuff!!! Cant tell you how glad I was to see this:P

Parts as they looked in the machine. You can clearly see the brown stuff that is the support material, and the actual “white” stuff that is the plastic.

I printed 6 parts that would tell me if I had all the measurements correct.

Just to show the scale of the parts, here is a picture of some of the stuff. You can see that the printer prints 4 layers per milimeter!

After breaking off the support material, the parts are ready for use! These were easy, but most of the other parts will under normal circumstances need to be put into an acid bath for 10 hours or so.

The two plates you saw before will be put together and mounted here. I need to finish the design and print two more. I have a certain plan to pimp these up further:D They simply “click” together which is very usefull:D

And a shot from the inside.

This is the most important part, so let me show you how I want it to work.
The plan is to take the plugs for the psu, and mount them in this part.

To hold the peices in place, I made a part looking like this to “clamp” into the plug.

This basicly works by keeping the plug pressed up against the other side, where it is fastened in a 1 mm hole as you can see on the pwnzor paint drawing above. The blue part is the “clamp” and the green is the main plug. The black is of course the 8 pin GFX plug that goes into the psu.

This is the place where the clamp goes in, after the 8 pins have been insertet.

And this is how it looks insertet. I can tell you that it will NEVER come out.. And how do I know this? Beacuse this is a test piece, and I need to get that plug out again:wallbash:

And last but not least, This is a preview of how it will look on the psu itself. Please note that this is not how the final version will look! Final version is much bigger, much smarter, and very clever if I have to say it myself:D

Just need to go back and readjust the tolerances on the drawing to make some more room for the plugs. They were not exactly easy to get inthere:D

Hope you enjoyd this update! Stay tuned for the finished part soon

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