Update 6


Another update :O

Parts as they looked pulled from the printer!


And as they look with the support material. You can partly see a little “easter egg” I made here:P

After getting the worst support material off, it looks like this

And this:P

And this xD The more support material I can “break” off, the less the acid have to melt away.
And yeah, I really need to cut my nails!

A little size comparison versus a hand that I found lying around.

And then drop it into the acid bath! Looks tasty right? It aint, and it DON’T smell good lol… Like getting a hedgehog shoved up your nose.

Now lets fast forward 15 hours, and the part is ready to take out!

Clean as a whistle:)

Pics of the finished part. You wont really see the “Made by pope” inthere, but I thought it was a fun little thing to do, even tough it will be covered up:P And if anyone should steal the case i have proof its mine trololol!

To cover the hole thing up, I cut this plate. The plan is to cut some sort of pattern in it, don´t quite know what yet. I might print this in 3d instead to get a consistant look.

Last but not least, how it sits on the psu.
“But hey, somethings missing?”
Yup, the lower part will be done seperatly. And why this?

The top part house only wires that will run to the motherboard, and the lower part is going out to everything else. Why this is a good idea, I will show in a later update, since its hard to explain:D

This is my humble workshop:D Or, when I need to do something, I make that table there lol… This is also where I take most of my photo´s:)

I took a piece of scrap acrylic and cut out a square,

This fittet right into the psu hider (lets just call it that for now:D)

And then the top plates goes over. When a pattern is cut into this, you will then see the acrylic behind:) This will of course be backlit:D

Hope you enjoyd! I have more parts in the printer, so another update is on the way!

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