Chocolate gameboy


This project is another school class where we had to learn to program a CNC machine. Instead of making something simple and just learn it, I decided that I could combine two of my favourite things. So this project will be a mixture of CNC machining and CHOCOLATE! Yes, you heard right:P

The point of this was to learn the autocad program EdgeCam. But before we started on anything, a part had to be made in inventor. This, I decided should be a good old classic GameBoy from nintendo! I have had all of the GameBoys back from the old classic, and because of this, this was a bit nostalgic for me.

As you can see here, the GameBoy was build up in Autodesk Inventor. The model is 1:2 and minor details like the reset/start botton was not modeled in, since the smallest tool for the CNC was 3 mm wide. Because of this, you have to think a bit before blindly making a part.

After the GameBoy had been build up, a casting form was made from it. The casting form has a male, and a female side so they sit flush together.

When the parts are done, many people faulty think that you just throw it into the machine and boom – done. But they are missing a very important step, which is the whole point of this course. Before you put the part into the CNC you have to program toolpaths, tooldept, speed and much more. You also decide how accurate you want the final product to be. The more accurate, the longer the milling will take.

Above you can see the test-run the program can make. This is to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the CNC itself, and to prevent any tool clashes. The machine we have available takes around 1 min. to switch tools, while more expensive machines can do it in under five seconds!

After the file is done, it is importet into this machine. It is what we call a model CNC machine, since it is not made to make full blown metal pieces, but more to mill in foam and plastic. The material I will be using is a block of hard foam. The machine is a so called 3 axix mill, which mean that it can move left/right, forward/backword and up/down. More complicated machines have more axix´s and are also more difficult to program.

First, the block have to be locked in the machine. After this, the milling begins.

When the blocks are done, they were washed, so they were ready for the next and fun step, which is the chocolate! I needed to melt the chokolat over a steambath, and after that pour it into the mold. The molds was clamped together and put in the freezer.

Sadly, this try ended up with the buttons breaking off, and a chunk of the gameboy broke. But for a first try, i think it was ok:D Might give this another go one day, but for now, this was what i got and ate, and it tasted delicious!

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