Hedwig (self build quadcopter)


Allow me to introduce Hedwig. My latest investment into a new hobby.

There is so far 3 revisions for this build that will be shown on this page.

Hedwig 1.0


This build was the first done, with all bought parts. The frame was bought from hobbyking, and I soon found out that I wanted something different.

The GoPro I mounted on the first revision was just slapped on there. No real holder or anything, and yet another reason to get a better frame.

The whole system was powered by a KK2.0 LCD flight controller board. Cheap and great flight controller if you dont mind messing around with settings yourself before it is flyable. A more expensive controller with GPS is planned for later. Right now I just cant justify forking out the 400+$ for a controller alone.

This was the first picture taken from the air with the quad, and is taken with it in the state of revision 1.0.


Hedwig 2.0

 This frame was build to feature a 2200 Mha battery and to house the KK2.0 board in the middle. Later on it was rebuild with a holder for the gopro under it which had a tilt function.


The frame itself was build around the KK2.0 and a power distribution board. The later revesions removed the power destribution board, and replaced it with pure wires instead.

Here you can see the holder for the battery. This was made for a 2200 Mha battery, but as that gave me a mediocre flight time (8 min) Then I decided that someting bigger was needed.

And a shot with the battery installed.

And here is the drawings for the gimbal. I sadly dont have any pictures of it, but it “kinda” worked.

 Hedwig 3.0

This is the current revision of my quadcopter. The frame is a bit weak, so that has to be reinforced here and there.

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